• These Grants are Closing Soon

    September 22nd 2021

    In August, we put out a summary of all the NSW Government Grants available for SMEs. The applications for the below support payments will be closing in the coming months. The first is due to clos..

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  • Increased COVID Support for SMEs

    August 26th 2021

    The federal and state governments have jointly announced new support measures for New South Wales in the midst of the current pandemic situation in Greater Sydney. Both the federal and state gover..

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    July 23rd 2021

    With $10,000 grants available to small businesses and hospitality venues experiencing a drop in revenue, the NSW Government is looking to soften the blow of the current lockdown.Grant eligibility; ..

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  • Person scanning QR Code in store to check-in

    QR Codes and Your Privacy

    February 10th 2021

    Quick Response (QR) codes have increased in popularity within the COVID-19 environment. They make it easy for customers to check-in when visiting a business and also help with contact tracing. Whi..

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  • What You Need To Know About JobKeeper 2.0

    September 29th 2020

    From today, most employers will need to demonstrate that their actual GST turnover for the September quarter has declined by at least 30 per cent in order to receive the JobKeeper wage subsidy throug..

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  • Job Keeper

    JobKeeper Payment Extended

    September 8th 2020

    The JobKeeper Payment has been a very successful grant offered by the Australian Government in an effort to help businesses keep their employees on board during these tough times we are currently fac..

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