Client Corner – Art of Multimedia

Updated July 9th 2020

In this issue we congratulate Beata Kade from Art of Multimedia for celebrating 20 years in business.

Beata and Art Kade began their story telling journey in 1986 when they started a wedding photography studio. They embraced new technologies to become a successful digital design agency.

How did it start?

“Multimedia came on the scene, and it gave us extra creative and function freedom, so we up-skilled our team and delivered our content on interactive
CDs. That was also when we incorporated and re-branded to reflect our new direction and so became Art of Multimedia” Beata recalls.

Your most memorable projects?

The cultural and built heritage projects. “We love this space.” She explains.

“We feel we spend our time well on projects that positively impact our community, as they educate, connect and inspire us and our audiences”.

Art of Multimedia has won the National Trust and Interpretation Australia Excellence Awards numerous times.

What makes Art of Multimedia so successful?

“I think the reason Art of Multimedia is successful is our flexibility and client focus. It is also our appreciation for the creative process”.

Top tips for running a successful business?

  1. Striving for the best possible quality achievable
  2. Willingness to keep learning
  3. Learning to play well with others

CIB has been privileged to work with Beata and her team for over 15 years.

For more about Art of Multimedia, visit