Are You Happy With How You Manage Your Money?

Updated March 20th 2020

Do you feel that you aren’t quite achieving what you want with your money? Perhaps you aren’t saving as much as you like or feel that you never have anything left over after your day to day living expenses.

Even when people’s income increases, such as with a pay-rise, it is common for people to spend that extra money rather than pay down debt or save for the future.

For many of us, we didn’t receive any training on how to save, how to budget or how to use our money wisely.

ANZ have developed an excellent free online course to help people develop their money skills and this can be found at:

Not only is the course fun and interactive it can really help you to develop strong lifelong skills in regards to managing your money wisely.

If you would like help developing a budget or a savings plan please contact Graeme Bellach or Joel Halbert at CIB Accountants on 02 9683 5999.