Warning: Missing or Late SGC payments? The Tax Office will be in contact

Updated August 25th 2021

The Tax Office is now using information received from superannuation funds sent when they receive superannuation guarantee (SG) contributions for employees and information via Single Touch Payroll (STP), to identify employers who;

  • have paid some or all of the super contributions late
  • haven’t paid the right amount by the due dates

If you fall into any of these categories, the Tax Office will reach out to you directly, by phone or letters, to advise that you need to lodge superannuation guarantee charge (SGC) statements for the relevant periods.

Even if you’ve since paid the late or underpaid SG contributions to your employee’s fund, the Tax Office will still require you to lodge an SGC statement and pay the SGC to the Tax Office.

The Tax Office will also notify your tax agent, as a courtesy, when their client has been identified as not meeting their obligations and will provide a copy of the letter sent to you for their reference.

It is your responsibility to address this issue with the ATO, so contact your tax agent for advice if you have questions or concerns.

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