• Summer Newsletter 2016

    July 6th 2020

    In this issue, we discuss: Christmas Gifts & Parties, Last Chance for 5% HELP Repayment Bonus, Major Superannuation Changes, Cyber Security Tips, GIC & SIC Rates, FEATURE Death & Taxes, Fi..
  • Spring Newsletter 2016

    September 13th 2016

    Please find linked below, the CIB Spring Newsletter for 2016, we discuss: Work Related Deductions, GIC & SIC Rates, TFN Declaration Forms, The Sharing Economy, Foreign Investor Surcharge on NSW Stamp..
  • Winter Newsletter 2016

    June 17th 2016

    Please find linked below, the CIB Winter Newsletter for 2016, we discuss: Small Business Benchmarks, General Interest Charge and Shortfall Interest Charge rates for the fourth quarter of the 2015-16 f..
  • Autumn Newsletter 2016

    April 21st 2016

    Please find linked below, the CIB Autumn Newsletter for 2016, we discuss: Car Expense Changes, FBT Exemption changes, Are you Super Stream ready?, Fuel Tax Credits, New CIB Partners and To Fix or Not ..
  • Summer Newsletter 2015

    April 21st 2016

    Please find a link below to the CIB Summer Newsletter for 2015, We discuss: The School Kids Bonus, Activity Statement & myGov Accounts, Time Limit on GST & Fuel Tax Credits, Superannuation Preservatio..
  • Spring Newsletter 2015

    April 21st 2016

    Please find below a link to the CIB Spring Newsletter - 2015. In this newsletter we discuss apps to assist with business planning, the NSW small business grant for new employees, ATO Voice Authenti..
  • 2015 Wavelength Survey. What Will It Tell You?

    September 16th 2015

    Last year we were told by 43% of all participants in the 2014 DFK wavelength survey that cash flow was a major challenge faced by business owners. What will this year’s wavelength survey tell us?..
  • Preservation, Pension and You

    August 18th 2015

    A lot of people refer to 55 being the age that a Transition to Retirement Pension(TRAP) or Account Based Pension is able to be started, this is not exactly the case. It is actually the Pres..

    November 12th 2013

    In August 2013 the new look Rudd government released a mid-year economic update which reported a fall in projected tax revenues by $33billion over the next four years. In response to the reduced antic..

    November 12th 2013

     This helpful website has been recently launched by the Australian government and helps you find the government licences, permits, approvals, registrations, codes of practice, standards and guideline..

    November 12th 2013

    The Small Business Superannuation Clearing House is a free online superannuation payments service that assists businesses with 19 or fewer employees to meet their superannuation guarantee obligations...