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  • Person scanning QR Code in store to check-in

    QR Codes and Your Privacy

    February 10th 2021

    Quick Response (QR) codes have increased in popularity within the COVID-19 environment. They make it easy for customers to check-in when visiting a business and also help with contact tracing. Whi..
  • What You Need To Know About JobKeeper 2.0

    September 29th 2020

    From today, most employers will need to demonstrate that their actual GST turnover for the September quarter has declined by at least 30 per cent in order to receive the JobKeeper wage subsidy throug..
  • Job Keeper

    JobKeeper Payment Extended

    September 8th 2020

    The JobKeeper Payment has been a very successful grant offered by the Australian Government in an effort to help businesses keep their employees on board during these tough times we are currently fac..
  • COVID-19: Return To Work Plan

    June 10th 2020

    As businesses have now started to open up again, very soon, most companies will be asking their employees who were previously working from home to return back into the office. Our HR Manager, Kry..
  • COVID-19: Impact on Your Dividends

    July 9th 2020

    Dividend cuts are currently a hot topic for investors. Consensus earnings forecasts ASX 200 payouts to fall about 30% this year. While some companies have cut or deferred payments, not all are.&nb..
  • Advice: JobKeeper Documentation

    May 21st 2020

    Many businesses have already enrolled in the JobKeeper program and have started to receive their first payments.  The speed at which the system had to be implemented so that payments could start..
  • HR Scenarios for Coronavirus

    COVID-19: HR Scenarios Guide

    April 27th 2020

    Determining when to act and what to do for specific HR scenarios during the COVID-19 Pandemic is crucial. It is vital for HR Managers to implement the correct scenarios on a case by case basis of..
  • HR Guide to Coronavirus

    COVID-19: HR Challenges You Need To Consider

    April 29th 2020

    As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread across the globe, employers are needing to urgently make changes to how the business operates and the impacts on the employer and employees as they adapt ..