CIB have extensive experience in business valuations

We use the Business Valuation tool, EIS for both external and management valuations.

EIS uses historic and projected data to assess the growth in shareholder value.  The model assists in calculating a company’s weighted average cost of capital through assessing the beta (risk) factors and cost of capital. The model also has a tool to calculate the economic profit of a business which evaluates the extent to which returns on cash invested in the business exceed the cost of the investment.

The model also scores various areas of the business on both a qualitative and quantitative basis which can be a valuable management tool.

Internally Required Valuations

  • Basic annual valuations requested by the owners with minimal effort to provide an idea of the value of the business in the years leading up to its sale
  • Provided for a vast variety of industries, particularly wholesaling and service industries

Externally Required Valuations

  • Business Acquisitions – existing clients looking to acquire a competitor or a related business
  • Acquiring a Franchise – mainly in service orientated franchises
  • Court Proceedings
  • Divorce Proceedings – market value to help in division of family assets
  • Partnership disputes – value for the partnership to split effectively
  • Shareholder disputes – for one shareholder to sell to the other shareholders


For more information on business valuations please contact one our chartered accountants at our Parramatta, Sydney or Penrith offices.