Updated November 12th 2013

Cash Flow Finance allows you to free up cash to help grow your business by borrowing against invoices, stock and/or plant and equipment. This enables great flexibility over your business activities, without being affected by irregular cash flow, so as sales and debtors grow so do available funds.

Benefits of Cash Flow Finance

  • Immediately access funds based on the strength of your invoice book
  • Helps fund business growth
  • Helps manage seasonal and day- to-day fluctuations in cash flow
  • Access to finance without the need for real estate security

Who Does Cash Flow Finance Suit?

  • Companies that invoice customers on 14-60 day commercial trading terms and have a spread of outstanding debtors
  • Have a turnover of $2 million upwards
  • Wholesalers, manufactures, distributors, importers, labour hire and other professional services.

There are two Cash flow Finance products to choose from, depending on your business needs.

Invoice Discounting

Is the finance solution that allows your business to borrow funds against all your outstanding invoices.

This can be up to a maximum of 85% against approved receivables.

Invoice Discounting Plus

Is the finance solution that enables your business to borrow against outstanding invoices as well as stock, plant and equipment.

It best suits companies that sell on credit terms or hold large levels of stock and/or plant and equipment.

Accessible funds that you can take advantage of:

  • Up to 85% value of approved debtors
  • Up to 60% value of approved stock
  • Up to 20% value of approved plant and equipment

(Subject to meeting the lenders credit criteria)